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Shadow of Time - Jen Minkman

Just finished Shadow of Time by Jen Minkman and I truly enjoyed it.


I was weary at first as it seemed to take a while to find it's feet and get going. Once it did the plot moved at a nice pace and kept my interest. I really enjoyed the way that time is used in the story to connect so many different events together, both past and present. It was handled very well and in a way that didn't hurt the brain. Everything just seemed to make sense together and flow nicely.


I found the characters to be lovable and interesting, though at times everything felt very surface level. Like there could easily be more depth to everything/everyone but they story never quite takes it there.


I really liked the way that multiple walks of life merge together so seamlessly in this story. There is the cultural side of things with all of the native american culture, spiritual side, but also a sexual side. Since this is a romance story at it's heart there are a few couples that are shown in the story. The main couple, Hannah and Josh, but the author seamlessly includes a gay couple in a way that felt natural without bringing a lot of attention to the fact that they were a "non-traditional" couple. It was really nice and refreshing to see.


This story is very much a summer romp meets spirituality meets across time romance. I give it a 3.5 out of 5, would read again.